Blaze of Silver

Author: K.M. Grant
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers 2007
ISBN- 978-0802797377
pages: 288

Classification: Young Adult Fiction
Genre: Historical Fiction
Topics: horses, Crusades, friendship, adventure
Media Type: Book

Grade level: 7-11

Reader's annotation:
The Earl of Heartslove is charged with delivering part of the ransom to free King Richard to the German Emperor when he is double-crossed by his Saracen friend. Can he and Ellie save the King?

Summary: Set in the 12th century, the conclusion of the trilogy, where William de Granville, Earl of Heartslove, ladies Ellie and Marissa and their Saracen friend Kamil discover what loyalty and friendship really mean. Back in England after fighting in the Holy Wars, life at the manor is peaceful and relaxing. Kamil, the Saracen friend who returned from the East with them has settled into manor life as if he was born there. Marissa carries a torch for Will though she knows he doesn’t feel that way about her. Ellie is getting over the death of her fiance, Gavin, who was Will’s brother. They all love their horses and much of life centers on their riding. But someone back in the Holy Land has other plans for Kamil which starts with Ahmal’s delivery of a beautiful horse that King Richard had promised Gavin. The action starts when most of the manor sets off to deliver ransom money to the Emperor of Germany for the release of King Richard. Thinking he is serving his motherland, Kamil is double-crossed by Ahmal, as he is convinced to steal the money, only to discover it is all set up by his old enemy, assassin Old Man of the Mountain. Will Kamil be able to help his imprisoned friends Will and Ellie? Will they be able to save the King? The action-packed story will keep you on the edge of your seat as the twists and turns take you to its conclusion.

Horse lovers will enjoy this series as the main characters’ horses are their companions and much of the story revolves around the animals. Thoughtful issues dealing with revenge, loyalty, and friendship are the themes of this concluding book which makes for a satisfying ending.
Series: Book 3 de Granville Trilogy; Book 1 - Blood Red Horse, Book 2 - Green Jasper

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