The Comet’s Curse: A Galahad Book

Author: Dom Testa

Publisher: New York: Tor Teen 2009
ISBN- 978-0765321077
pages: 240
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Classification: Young Adult Fiction
Genre: Science Fiction
Media Type: Book

Grade level:8-adult

Reader's annotation: As the adults on earth slowly die out, a bold plan to send 251 teens to find a new planet to live on and save the human race takes shape. Now they are off in space but is there a stow-away on board?

Summary: When Bukhtul’s Comet just barely missed colliding with earth everyone thought they were safe, until people started dying. When it was determined that the comet left behind deadly particles in the air that only affected adults a desperate plan was put into place to try to save the human race. 251 teenagers would travel for 5 years on a huge spaceship to a faraway planet in another galaxy that looks like it has the right conditions to support human life. The story alternates between the teens as they take off and their first few weeks in space, and the scientists as they plan and organize the flight. We see how and why the people who are part of the mission were picked and hear about the opposition to the plan as well. Everything seems to be going fine until they discover evidence of a stowaway. And this stowaway means to harm them all. Can they stop him in time to save the mission?

Evaluation: This book has a great premise that will really hook teens in. It has enough technical jargon and description to fit the sci fi label but is really about the people and the problem(s). Great sci fi choice for girls as the teen leader is a girl and the personalities are important.

Book 1 in a 6-part series
Book 2 - The Web of Titan
Fan club for the series

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