The Bourne Conspiracy

Author: Sierra Entertainment
Publisher: Fresno, CA: Sierra Entertainment 2008
Xbox 360
Rating: Teen

Classification: Young Adult Fiction
Genre: Action/Thriller
Media Type: Game

Grade level: 8-Adult

Reader's annotation: Third person game reliving the movie series as you play Jason Bourne, running for your life and completing your missions at the same time.

Summary: The game begins in Marseille, where CIA assassin Jason Bourne, operating under the black-op organization called Treadstone, has been tasked with assassinating a former African dictator named Nykwana Wombosi. Wombosi knows too much about the agency's involvement in Africa and must be silenced. However, Bourne learns his cover has been blown, and Wombosi has hired an assassin named O'Conner to kill him. In this level, Bourne takes on O'Conner's men in the alleys and in a bar before fighting him, and kills him in hand-to-hand combat. After killing him by bashing his head in, Alexander Conklin, assistant operator of Treadstone, is uneasy with Bourne continuing the mission, but Bourne insists on completing the task another way. You control Jason Bourne as you lead him through the maneuvers to complete his tasks.

A fast paced thriller game full of action based off The Bourne movie trilogy. A surprise around every corner, and always keeping the adrenaline pumping. Very exciting and a great story.

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