Author: Jerry Spinelli

Publisher: New York: Knopf/Random House 2000
pages: 186
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Classification: Young Adult Fiction
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Topics: friendship, individuality, romance
Media Type: Book

Grade level: 6+

Reader's annotation:
He noticed her the first day of school, her long skirt, ukulele and sunflower bag. Stargirl changes Mica High and Leo’s life forever.

Leo can’t keep his eyes off her when he sees her in the cafeteria and he is terrified she’ll single him out with a birthday serenade. Somehow she seems to know things about people, like when their birthday is. It takes a little bit but eventually the whole school warms to her and is positively affected by her energetic personality. By the winter Stargirl and Leo are inseparable. But then Stargirl goes too far and is shunned by her classmates and eventually Leo wants her to conform as well. Stargirl makes a go of it but finally realizes it isn’t her and so she reverts and Leo can’t handle it. The choice is between the group and being true to oneself. Everyone has to make their own choice and then live with it.

A bittersweet story about first love, conformity, popularity and individuality, the reader roots for Stargirl no matter what happens. A great story for anyone who has felt out of place or wants a different perspective on the same old things in life.

Sequel - Love, Stargirl

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