Time travelers wife

Author: Audrey Niffenegger

Publisher: San Francisco CA: MacAdam/Cage Publisher 2002
pages: 560
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Classification: Adult Fiction
Genre: Romance
Topics: Time travel
Media Type: Book

Grade level: 10-adult

Reader's annotation:
What would it be like if your life was lived out of sequence, that is the fate of Henry as he uncontrollably travels back and forth through time. Sometimes he is an adult visiting his future wife when she is a child, sometimes he is in the future, powerless to change what will be.

Summary: Henry has a problem. He suddenly, without warning or preparation, finds himself, naked, in another time and place. He often finds himself in a field behind his future wife’s home when she is a child. Sometimes he vanishes from his job as a librarian, leaving an empty pile of clothes in the stacks. Somehow, he manages to function in the places he arrives at and covers his actions up from where he left. Throughout it all he manages to have a somewhat normal life that involves falling in love and getting married and having a job. This book is as much about the people and relationships as it is about time travel and the complications of that.

Evaluation: One of the more unusual, interesting and powerful books that I’ve read in a while. One feels their confusion, resignation and love strongly throughout the book. Readers are very invested in the outcome. Teens will enjoy the fantasy, time travel part and will get some insight into a mature relationship.

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